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Think More, Design Less
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About Me-

Hi! I am Vaishnav Ramayan, I graduated in engineering from RVCE Bangalore in 2020 ( the year that it was!!) and I have always been curious and keen to solve people’s problems around me.

I founded a company to uplift dancers during my college days, then I was introduced to the golden word ‘UX’ when I was coding the landing page for the same. Long story short, I failed as a founder and I had to shift paths. That was when I dug deeper and since then! my curiosity towards this field has been never-ending.

I started applying to UX…

Problem Statement 🤔

Design a product experience that would help people find and hire the right designer for their projects. Design the experience from the perspective of the person who is looking to hire a freelancer. We are looking for you to identify pain points in the “finding the right designer for your project” journey and to find ways to solve those pain points.

Goals 🎯

  • Finding user pain points and user behavior using UX Research Methodologies.
  • Finding MVP features for the app.
  • Solving problem with Hi-Fi Prototype.
  • Testing the prototype with users.

UX Research 🔭

Secondary Research

I started off googling and finding statistics about Freelancing in India so…

What is MoneyTap? 🤑

A personal loan mobile app that offers ‘Money on Tap’ in partnership with banks and NBFCs.

Goal 🎯

Purpose of the project — to create a redesign for FinTech corporate website. The goal — to arouse an interest in the company to attract new customers using AIDA Framework.

About AIDA 🤔

The formula is based on human psychological behavior qualities. A design attracts attention at first, arouses interest and desire then and finally pushes to action.

Goals 🎯

Making a B2B Client Community Feature to increase client engagement and interaction.


  1. UX Research
  2. Low Fi Wireframes
  3. High Fi + Prototype

UX Research 🔭


  1. To learn and understand why is it important to have a Client Community Feature for B2B company.
  2. To understand the design process of other B2B companies who has client community feature.

Secondary Research

I went through many blogs as well as Case studies of B2B community apps, it helped me lay foundation to my design process.

Key Takeaways 🎁

  1. Companies use community feature to scale Self Service.

Companies leverage community as a support channel, with self-service companies, reduce/save a lot…

This case study was an assignment project I did as a part of the 10kdesigners masterclass with a duration of 10 days.

What is beer geek ? 🍺

Beer Geek is an App which helps Beer Enthusiasts to learn Brewing Craft Beer right at their comfort from home.

Prototype of beer geek using principle

Project Goals 🎯

Goal of this assignment is to make a media and edtech platform in Beer Brewing niche.


  • Research
  • IA and Wireframes
  • Visual Design
  • Prototype
  • Documentation

Business Goals 💰

Attempt to align design process to business goals of Beer Geek using Pirate metrics.

Pirate metrics are a way to categorize and group together metrics depending…

What is GenX ? 🤔

Gen X was born between 1965 and 1980 and are currently between 40–55 years old.

Mission 🚩

To check and validate usage patterns of how the majority of the Indian older generation uses WhatsApp on daily basis.

Context 🧭

This research was an assignment project I did as a part of the 10kdesigners masterclass with a duration of 7 days.

In the last couple of years, WhatsApp usage in India has boomed. Very likely that someone in family — parents, relatives, grandparents etc use WhatsApp a lot.

  • They use it to keep in touch with family, relatives, close friends, extended network of friends, people…

Vaishnav Ramayan

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